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Being an e-tutor

Being an e-tutor
is one of the TalkingHat series of e-learning support modules that introduce you to the culture and pedagogy of e-learning.

This module takes the form of an interactive tutorial covering the basics of e-learning from a tutor's perspective.

The module is presented in byte-sized chunks of information and short revision exercises to help reinforce your learning. Some of the exercises can be completed on-line whilst others may require you to do some additional research or writing. Where appropriate there are links, often but not exclusively to external web sites, so it is important that you have a live Internet connection whilst you are studying. Don't worry too much if you don't have an Internet connection because we've provided alternative links to screen shots of the web sites, although we can't guarantee that these will always be up to date. A summary of each of the chapters can be downloaded or printed so that you can keep them for future reference.

We would suggest that you start at the first chapter and work your way through in the order in which they are presented. At the bottom of every page we have provided a link back to this page so that you can use the menu to move on to the next chapter.
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